Why Vote YES

For decades, the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund has been protecting our drinking water sources, natural outdoor spaces, and wildlife habitats by funding land conservation and public recreation across Michigan. Proposal 1 will update and expand the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund so that it can continue supporting the places that make Michigan unique – from Great Lakes beaches and public lands to our trails, paths, parks and playgrounds.

Michigan has more natural water area than any other state in the country – and we are serious about protecting it. Proposal 1 will expand the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund’s efforts to protect the land around our rivers, lakes, and streams, preventing runoff and toxic chemicals from flowing into Michigan’s recreational waters and our drinking water sources, including the Great Lakes.

Protect Safe Drinking Water Sources

The outdoors are important to our way of life in Michigan, from the Great Lakes to local parks and playgrounds. Proposal 1 will maintain & improve access to the places we care about by allowing the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund to continue funding land conservation and public recreation in every county in the state – so our children and grandchildren can enjoy our Michigan outdoors the way we have.

Maintain Michigan’s Great Outdoors

Proposal 1 does not raise taxes. Instead, it will ensure that the royalties that oil, gas, and mining industries already have to pay are reinvested in protecting the lands around our drinking water sources, beaches, forests, and other natural areas.

Does Not Raise Taxes

In these challenging times we have seen how important parks and outdoor recreation are for our mental and physical health. It’s more important than ever to provide and maintain opportunities for children and adults to get outside safely.

Good For Our Health

Since 1976, the Natural Resources Trust Fund has had a huge impact on Michigan’s parks and public lands

in grants awarded for public lands

public parks funded in all 83 counties

visitors to state parks and recreation areas annually

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund is not funded by our tax dollars.

It’s funded by royalties from private industry. Oil, gas and mining industries are required to pay royalties on the minerals they extract from public land. The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund ensures that those dollars go right back into our natural resources and beautiful outdoor spaces. But under current law, there is a ceiling to how much funding the MNRTF can receive, and it’s reached its cap. This proposal will remove the cap so that the MNRTF can continue receiving royalties and investing them straight back into our outdoor spaces – because we can’t afford to stop protecting our water sources, wildlife habitats and parks.

About Proposal 1

This November, Michigan voters will be given a historic opportunity to expand the work of the Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) and help protect our drinking water sources, wildlife habitats, and parks for future generations. The amendment will safeguard a constitutionally protected revenue source for conservation and recreation for future generations, keeping it insulated from partisan gridlock.

What Prop 1 would change:

  • Allow the MNRTF to receive revenues from the royalties on oil, gas, and mining operations on state-owned land once the State Park Endowment Fund (SPEF) reaches its asset cap.
  • Require at least 25% of Trust Fund disbursements be made available for development, renovation and redevelopment of public recreation facilities, and at least 25% for land acquisition and protection.
  • Allow up to 50% of Trust Fund annual revenue, plus interest and earnings, to be expended each fiscal year.
  • Require at least 20% of the money expended from the State Parks Endowment Fund go towards capital improvements at state parks.

What it means:

  • This amendment will ensure all future royalties are dedicated to conservation and recreation – removing the cap for good.
  • Allow the flexibility needed to fund and update trails, playgrounds, accessible boat launches, and more in communities across the state, while continuing to prioritize land conservation and protection.
  • Safeguard a stream of conservation and recreation funding granted to our communities every year, while putting enough aside to save for future generations.
  • Ensure a funding stream dedicated to improving the cherished outdoor places Michiganders use to support our mental and physical health – especially during these challenging times.

Partners & Supporters

Vote YES for MI Water, Wildlife and Parks is a broad and diverse coalition formed to encourage Michiganders to Vote Yes on the Proposal 1 this November to protect our drinking water sources, wildlife habitats and parks for future generations.